One must think about the future. One can adjust their world view to not look ahead. Either way, are these things inevitable? Is there free will or is it all predetermined? If we have a choice and we are responsible, then we must do something, should we not? The creation of human level intelligent AI is only a matter of time. Some say only 5-10 years at this point as we have made more advances in AI in the past 3 years than the last 30.

Given that knowledge what should we do about ? Elon Musk has called artificial intelligence “a demon” and that we must adapt or it will overlord us. He suggests we augmentate ourselves to be able to interface with the machines in order to control them. Perhaps that is a way.

The question you have to ask yourself, is if the people at the helm leading the way for AI can control it? I mean, even if you asked me, I would not say that we should develop an all powerful AI that would torture every sentient being in the universe. So should we try to avoid that? In so much to make the AI friendly to humanity as possible? Even so, will there even be a humanity in 50 years that would resemble our own.

Time will tell.