The Artist: A Transhumanist Horror Story

Written By Ana Marija Meshkova

Plot and Character Design by James Felty

A Cult Basilisk, LLC production

© 2017


[Entire File] – 9955 Words – 42 Pages


The Fallow estate was a large white mansion with an enormous yard, that ended with a tall fence. That fence marked the border between the peacefulness of the Fallow estate and the messiness of the slums. While once this part of the city was the most affluent, changes in recent years had made it deteriorate fully. Now it was old houses and criminals. But that world never touched the walls of the Fallow estate.

The mansion was incredibly tall. It almost looked like a castle, with its towers and menacing, pointy appearance. It didn’t matter that it was painted a crisp white. Its roof was covered completely in solar panels, and there were several wind turbines, the newest model, scattered in key places around the estate. The mansion itself was mostly dark, with a few key lights on in the entire building. Fitting, since only two people, called it their home.

One such light was on the second floor. Behind the flimsy curtains, one could see a large circular office. It was sparsely decorated, and all of the pieces in it were sharp, smooth, minimalistic pieces that looked like they were carved out of stone. On top of the desk was keyboard made of light, a paper thin white screen with scrolling text was hanging from the ceiling.

A white marble statue was sitting at the desk, staring at the screen in front of it. The statue was sitting on a chair that looked extremely uncomfortable and fit perfectly with the rest of the furniture. But if one were to look closely one could see the chair dipped under the statue’s weight. One could not see it easily, because of the lack of movement, but the statue was alive. You could see it in the way its eyes moved across the screen, how the sides of its lips twitched a little bit at a time. It was scrolling through its diary, staring as if transfixed.

It was once a he. Dr. Fallow. A very famous surgeon that had developed cutting edge techniques that had saved many lives for years before he retired into this large mansion and made his money in stocks. As he retired so did the world. The world was quiet now. He had helped make it so. Now was the time of the biggest contrast between classes in the world, and fewer and fewer people were on the low end. Humanity has found one thing that could make them all comfortable for the rest of their lives. They were close to using three-dimensional printers for everything.

It made him feel sick, still did. It would be the end of progress as he knew it. Humanity would assume they were perfect, and he couldn’t handle that.